ES Connect
ES Connect Sdn Bhd (ESC)  is an associate company as part of ES Group of Company with group of engineer with vast experience in delivering complete IT infrastructure design and installation. ES Connect specializes in Structured Cabling & ICT related work with addition of complete integration of ELV System as part of Value-Added Supplement Services in designing and providing full turn-key installation.

As a company, we are committed to customer satisfaction and operational excellence and continuously strive to meet its customers’ needs with regards to ICT solutions that evolve around cost saving applications, revenue generating system integrations and quick returns communication infrastructure.


  • Provision of design and installation services for structured cabling systems,

  • Provision of maintenance and support services for structured cabling systems, and

  • The distribution of cabling systems and full components of accessories.

In summary, we are experiencing a digital culture that will enable us to transform a market. Today in our homes, cars, stores, and banks we experience advanced technologies that provide us with smart environments.

With other industries incorporating smart environments, A smart environment enables Client to complement and align with the overall smart environment strategy, allowing to gain maximum efficiency, foster sustainability, and improve the daily conditions for client.

A smart environment can help improve three important factors: experience, efficiency, and education.

In order to design a smart network, we should define a common understanding and vision. ESC defines a smart network as a paradigm shift to leverage innovative next-generation technologies to create a “digitally connected” environment that:

  • Drives positive outcomes by fostering dynamic engagement.

  • Enables development and delivery of new business models and revenue streams.

  • Fosters a digital culture to create and collect data, derive insights from that data, and utilize the insights.

  • Improves operational efficiency and effectiveness through state-of-the-art technologies and operating models.

  • Leverages innovations (small and large) from other smart environments and industries.
Our Solution

Logical Schematic Diagram – Enterprise Network
(Enterprise Network Architecture)

Logical Schematic Diagram – GPON Network
(GPON Network Architecture)

PON Network Topology and Key Components
Benefit of GPON Solution
- No Facility Room Needed
- Save Electricity Cost
- Less Points of Failure
- Fiber is Future Proof Medium
- No Bandwidth Limitation
- No Need to Re-cable

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