ES Otomation
As part of ES Group, ES Otomation Sdn Bhd is formed to help customers to achieve industrial digital transformation which leads to better operational efficiency and continue competitiveness in the market.

Managing the incremental manufacturing cost always the challenge for all business leaders who always find ways to improve production yields, reducing wastages, improve energy efficiencies and reduce carbon footprint.

In ES Otomation, we develop strategy and methods to help customers implementing SMART manufacturing and operational instruments, better control and real-time visual of power system, developing strategy to shift maintenance method from reactive to predictive manner, reducing potential risk of downtime and loss of production hours.

ES Otomation works closely with reputable global partners to accomplish quality work and meet high international standard.
Smart Operation
Reduce Operational & Maintenance Cost
• Advanced Process Control
• Mobile Remote Access within facilities
• Utilize a single reporting system
• Automated Asset Management
• Capture Real-Time Events
• Predictive modeling maintenance
• Power & Energy Management
• Reduce dependent of PC hardware & software
• Remote diagnostics and maintenance
Integrated Control & Information Management
• Connectivity to instruments, HMIs, Controllers, Skid Equipment, Electrical and Monitoring Systems
• Integrated Redundant Control system
• Single redundancy Information Management platform
• Improve system / component diagnostics
• Convergence of integrated control, power and information
• User Access Control
Industrial IoT – Big Data & Analytics
• Connectivity-Centric Operations
• Historical Data Archives and seamless correlation of data points
• Time Series and Relational Database
• Dashboards providing real-time data and facilities’ KPIs
• Drill down capability to provide detailed information
• Change approach from Descriptive → Diagnostic → Predictive
• Contextualize information model
Solution Architecture

Proposed System Architecture

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